The contributors to Our Man James offer a range of informative and practical support services to both seasoned classic car enthusiasts and new comers alike.  With several decades of experience and from a range of perspectives including collectors, dealers and restorers, you will find the kind of people that help keep the fun in your classic motoring experience.  Below are some of the areas our group can help with.

Buying a classic should be as enjoyable as owning one, don’t be daunted by the process when you can have personal support in considering the merits of Private purchase, purchase through a Dealer, Broker or Auction.  Or perhaps you need advice on selling, in either event we have the experience and knowledge to see the process though with confidence.

Keeping your classic in top shape should be  part of the pleasure of owning it.  We are fortunate in the UK to have a large number of classic car enthusiasts that have built an excellent support base for both parts and skills over the years.  It is from this support base that the contributors of Our Man James can help you share the pleasure of preserving the British motoring heritage for generations to come.

If you are interested in the services above or an alternate classic car requirement, please let us know your contact details and requirements in the box below. One of our contributors will reply shortly.
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