About us

The Concept for this website is based on likening life to the world of the Great House, much on the lines of T.V.’s’ Downton Abbey.’ There is the Master and Mistress and their offspring plus a retinue of servants and employees, tasked with the day to day running of the Estate.

For assistance with many matters connected to the running of  life in the Great House itself, one refers to Jeeves the Butler,( Ask Jeeves)  whose knowledge of most matters appears second to none.

For the purposes of this site we enter the world of the Motor House to one side of the Great House. Here Our Man James is charged with looking after the Family’s fleet of fine motor cars, from the Master’s Rolls Royce, to the young Mistress’s Austin Seven and not forgetting the Estate Truck. Our Man James  is not the mechanic, but like Jeeves, seeks to build up a network of advice and assistance which will further enhance maintenance, repair and replacement of the fleet. In doing so, an easily sourced supply of information should be available to both existing Classic Vehicle Owners and to those contemplating the acquisition thereof. The world of the Classic Vehicle enthusiast is immense and somewhat daunting to those unfamiliar with it. There are many people who want to try Classic Vehicle Ownership so Our Man James seeks to give them the confidence to join in.

For those already participating,  Our Man James equally looks to interact with them, examining  problems which may occur,  help with both buying and selling classic vehicles, finding spare parts, and any Classic Vehicle topic which the reader may like to raise. There is a large store of knowledge out there and sadly much of it is being lost as experts in a particular field either retire or pass away. Input from those currently possessing useful information will be welcome and the aim is to provide links to important sites to garner as much information and advice as possible under one roof.

Feel free to contribute your questions or if you feel able to answer someone else’s problem, then Our Man James needs to hear from you. Contributions will be scrutinized prior to insertion to avoid inappropriate content and Our Man James will accept no responsibility for recommendations or advice received.The object of this exercise is to promote the Classic Vehicle Movement in general, build a useful and informative database of tips, hints and ideas, which will encourage fresh Classic Vehicle Ownership and help preserve the existing enthusiasm in our hobby.

Our Man James is probably not immortal and the Motor House with its contents will need constant attention if it is to be preserved for future generations. This concept will need your help. Various topics will be raised as the site grows. Useful input will be vital and much appreciated.