About acquiring your ‘Starter’ Classic

Eventually an itch will need to be scratched and an acquistion is due, but what to buy for that first foray into the world of Classic Vehicles? Our Man James has looked at some of the ways of making an actual purchase but what to buy?

It has long been a general rule to look at the potential cost of upkeep of a proposed purchase. You may be able to purchase an Aston or E type Jaguar but think about cost of upkeep. It was expensive when new so parts and specialist labour will make it just as expensive to maintain now , if not more.

On this note, it is important to know you have a ready access to spares and probably expertise, so look for good Club support and maybe a good local source of expertise, which will not deprive you of your shirt and limbs.

Decide upon the age of vehicle. This will be governed by the above factor but also by what you want to do with your Classic. Certain events cater for certain ages of vehicle, so if you want to get involved in pre-war events, you will need a pre-war vehicle clearly.There are lots of one make clubs so you may be attracted to their events.

Or Man James has had all manner of Classics through The Motor House and looks at some possibles for a starter Classic.

For the Prewar catagory, keep it simple. British is good as spares are likely to be easier to find. Actually having said that some of the American cars provide a very impressive spares backup. Ford are particularly good so Model A could be considered. Model T’s are also well catered for but see under ‘About driving your Classic’. Austins and Morris are probably the best for pre-war starter.

Looking at post-war Classics, the same general rule applies. Look at the Clubs available. Are they active and are spares plentiful?
Morris 1000s and Austin A30/35’s spring to mind but also consider the Triumph Herald/Vitesse, Ford Popular/Anglia and Prefect. If you want to be a little different the Citroen 2c.v. is a lot of fun.

Don’t be afraid to have a go. The experience will be uplifting.

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