About Insuring a Classic Vehicle

Generally Classic Car owners are treated kindly by insurance companies, probably on the grounds that they are going to look after their vehicle, cherish it and generally drive it in a sensible way so as to maintain its condition. Hence we see some very realistic premiums being quoted for cars that are 10 years old or older.

Certainly if you are needing a second car for a member of the family, it is well worth considering a Classic Vehicle. Indeed it is thought that this is one way a young driver can get started with his/her own car. A Morris 1000 or A35 is an extremely useable car and can be insured for less than £100 per annum for a normal driver. It is worth asking for a quote for a young driver for such a vehicle. It may prove cheaper than the favoured Vauxhall Corsa. O.K. junior’s street cred may suffer but it is ‘wheels’ and ‘wheels’ means freedom.

There are a number of Firms specialising in Classic Car Insurance and Our Man James has listed a few, leaving out those who will not accept drivers over 75 on the grounds of discrimination.

Adrian Flux                                  http://www.adrianflux.co.uk/classics

Carole Nash                                http://www.carolenash.com/other-insurance/classic-car

Classic Car Insurance                http://www.classicscarinsurance.co.uk/

Hagerty                                        http://www.hagertyinsurance.co.uk/

Heritage                                       http://www.heritage-quote.co.uk




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