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Our Man James looks at the mechanical problems which can beset the Classic Vehicle owner. Nowadays when a modern car breaks down, there is little point in opening the bonnet. You will find a mass of pipes, wires, boxes and doofahs, none of which will mean anything. You can only pull out your Roadside Assistance Company’s card and summon help. The ‘very nice man’ will eventually arrive, plug in his computer, suck his teeth and be able to tell you in no time at all that you are in deep trouble and it is going to cost a lot of money to put it right.

Angus Sanderson engine

In the case of a Classic Vehicle, you may be more fortunate. There is no harm in opening the bonnet and having a look. With the earlier cars you may recognize plugs, points a carburetor or two and you may even be able to locate and fix the problem. If not a call to your Roadside Assistance Company is worth a try. The hint of incredulity in the voice of the telephone operator can be quite amusing and the look on the engineer’s face when he arrives, can vary from panic to sheer delight, depending upon his age.

Problems do not always happen by the roadside, you can have a drama at home in the garage. A strange noise, a burning sensation, a sudden incontinent behavior resulting in an unexpected puddle under your vehicle. At this point you may need help. To whom can you turn?

Earlier on you were advised to join the Club which specializes in your choice of vehicle. Now is the time to either delve into the Club Magazine or get on to the appropriate website.

Our Man James is aware that there is a fantastic amount of information available. It would be helpful no doubt to be able to offer Links at this stage to the various Motor Club’s technical pages. Watch this space or if you are an appropriate Club Official, please do get in touch.

Meanwhile why not e mail Our Man James with your problem?

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  1. Thank you Frederic. My cap will soon be too small for my head! If you have something you feel should be mentioned in these pages, do please get in touch. There must be plenty more information out there.


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